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presumptive evidence of aneurism, and if we have con-

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Number of loans not over $3,000 each, 141, arnounting to $253,382.83.

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are composed of, and originate from, blond (/lobules irhich

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and we do not hesitate to administer drugs. Our routine plan in such

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deceive ourselves in regard to the d^ree of tolerance for operative

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quilhzing effect realized. It was now noticed, however,

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tion of the globe seems to be the main relisnce in treat-

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374 loans on real estate {average of each, $3,198.94) ....

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into the punctum, and then changing it to the horizon-

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years and a half, as it often now is. But earnestly as

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the onl}' question that arises is as to the time for the

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ness over the nerve-trunks point to some other cause for this wasting

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click of a foreign body. The Si^und, hooked beneath

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anywhere, and although she complained of giddiness,

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the radius rarely requires such rigid support as a splint, because the

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taneous disease^, contains in one gallon, chloride of

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Willard asylum, now erecting at Ovid, for the special

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Classification of Deposits received during the Year.

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average bond prices show an increase from 93.16 per cent in October, 1934, and

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rather the influence which they exert upon the body, and the effects

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trary, the muscles respond with undue readiness, a strength of two

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left eye became red and painful, with failure of vision

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